The scene is Yaxnax, a minor Mayan city, abandoned for over a thousand years. At dawn on the summer solstice, a man dressed as Smoking Frog, a great war chief from the pre-classic period, decapitates a bound captive in a Maya ritual slaying. And so begins

Smoking Frog Lives! Nick Michaels, a private investigator, is trying to change professions, but his old life refuses to go quietly. His career in archeology will have to wait while he chases the elusive Smoking Frog, a man willing to kill in his purduit of archeological fame.

Complete with murder, pyramids and a frosty but beautiful female archeologist, Smoking Frog Lives! is an exciting mystery/adventure novel set in an enchanting and ancient Maya city.

"Indiana Jones step aside. There’s a new top dog on the scene, and his name is Nick Michaels. With Smoking Frog Lives!, Pete Goodman delivers a joyride of a novel. This is a fine debut that’s chockfull of wonderful and exotic information, teaming with action, and delivers a great sense of place. Read it!"
-William Kent Krueger, author of Heaveen’s Keep